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  1. Yeah that's probably what I will do.
  2. It does not say DCI. Its an SJ Cam SJ6 Legend. It does not list bitrate in the resolution selection menu, but I can probably find it in the manual.
  3. Both? I would imagine reducing CPU speed would reduce both energy consumption and heat generation?
  4. Ah I see. In the advanced settings that is the "minimum processor state" which is set to 100% in high performance. The thing to do would be keep max processor state at 100% but lower the min processor state. Thanks!
  5. My camera shows the resolution option as "2k" but I believe it means 1440p (2.5k/2.6k)
  6. In the power plan settings of windows 10 I can select a maximum processor state, and I can get it to throttle the CPU down to 0.9 to 1.2 GHz. (Its base speed is 2.5) When plugged in and settings set to high performance my CPU seems to stay around 4.1 GHz (Its max speed is 4.5) even when there is little load on it. Does anyone know if there is a way to get it to slow the CPU to as slow as possible (like 0.5 to 1 GHz) when inactivity is detected (Like whenever the screen times out and turns off) and then speed back up when I start using the PC again?. Or does anyone know if it
  7. This answers my question, thanks guys!
  8. Thanks for the responses everyone. Good to know about bitrates, differences in cameras, etc. But assuming nothing is changed except for the resolution and FPS, should both aforementioned options consume the same space? Thanks.
  9. Newbie question. Would anyone know if 2k video at 30 fps would use the same storage space as 1080P at 60 fps? Or more That would make sense to me, double resolution but half the frames..... Thanks
  10. Plex is a single app solution that does just this. I am basically looking for something like plex that allows me to share folders on my server to others for their viewing without them needing to have an account. For clarification, all the files will be media files.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I looked into VLC, that is not exactly what I am looking for. VLC seems to allow select a file on the source pc to play, and then stream it to play it on another PC. I am looking for a system that allows me to browse and select videos and photos in certain folders remotely, and play them. And also be able to share to others so they can view them online any time and download them. VLC seems to require that something is done on the host PC whenever something needs to be streamed. Any other ideas? Thanks.
  12. Looking for suggestions as to a good media server program to view video files from my PC when not in the house. Ideally with a free base version even if it is slightly restricted. I have been using plex for a while, it is ok but I am not fully happy with it. I would like to find one that allows me to share folders or groups of videos with others, so they can view them from my server, but WITHOUT the receiver of the share to need to create an account. (plex had sharing but all parties involved had to have a plex account.) Does anyone here have any suggestions as to a good media
  13. Agree with @Bombastinator. That does not look like a cooler at all. Just elevates laptop.
  14. So what you're saying is wear and tear wise, its probably better to leave it on. It would probably only save $25usd per year to turn it off for 8hr a day (provided it uses 100w constantly when at idle. That would mean it would be about 8 to 10 years before that savings would amount to enough to buy a new HDD of this size. I'll probably just leave it on and preserve the drive.
  15. I have heard lots of different information pertaining to weather it is more beneficial for wear and tear of a HDD to turn off the PC when not in use or leave it on. I believe that my research has concluded that you definitely don't want the drive cycling on and off multiple times a day, that will wear it out. But I am wondering if it would make sense to turn it off overnight when it certainty will not be in use, and just leave it on all day when it may be used intermittently. It would probably be off for 8hrs per day. What do you think? For 8 hrs would it be less wear and tear