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    x570 dark hero
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    2x16 tridentz 3200c14 + 2x16 tridentz 4000c16
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  1. Checked just in case but no bent pins on cpu(didn't even take it out for the cooler swap) Did a CMOS reset, checked each stick in each slot. 1 2 works for both sticks, 3 4 doesn't work for either. What the f did I do that turned the slots into poo poo? It was supposed to be a simple cooler swap.
  2. Didn't think of that. I have 2 extra be quiet fans that were freed up from the gpu radiator, but don't really know where I could place them. Front is kinda clogged Edit: Actually, I think I might be able to squeeze one below the front radiator and one below the hdd trays, just need to route the cables that are resting there through somewhere else. Actually sounds doable, but it's gonna be pretty tight. Thanks for the idea! One bad thing about current top exhaust is that these fans on this shitty asus radiator are really loud, like at 30% they're like the c
  3. I got a GPU with an AIO which I mounted on the top with the intent of pushing the hot hair out. Initially all the cooling was plugged together on the GPU+aio(godlike solution asus) for it, but I rerouted the fans of the radiator to the motherboard so I could have them spin constantly. The blower fan of the GPU is still set to 0 rpm though and it only turns on at 59c, but the gpu does not go above 50c so it never turns on. Now the top of the case gets hot when I play a game, and overall temps are all higher than before. Like the aio of the cpu shows 36c for liquid temperature which
  4. Was able to modify case fan speed in bios just now, but it's a bit finicky, sometimes the rear fan doesn't follow the speeds I set, just gonna wing it and hope that it actually ramps up when the pc heats up too much, if not I'll find out one way or the other. Only downside with the radiator fans connected into the hub now is that with the front panel slider if I take them off manual mode(bios control) the radiator fans turn up really hard cuz they are higher capacity than the single rear fan, but if I just stick to custom bios fan curves it's not an issue. Anyways, tha
  5. Ok it seems i can control the fans in the bios. What's a good way to set a curve? My average use case has the CPU and GPU sit around 50-60 usually. Which one should I go with? I feel like a line is better than a slope This is 20% until 50c and then it starts ramping up vs the normal silent profile. Seems fine so far on the first pic setup. Better than it was either way. Having actual functioning exhaust feels good.
  6. The pump wouldn't be powered by those connected cables right? Either one of them. They just barely reach behind to the hub, gonna test now I'd they get recognized I'm bios/pc since my case fans aren't visible so far (made another post about it that you replied in, but I haven't tried the ideas you gave yet) Kinda weird how there is 0 monitoring for the aio part of the gpu, dunno what they were thinking
  7. That sounds good, it's just the problem is the radiator fans only running when the gpu goes above 59C so the hot air generated by the other components can't leave until then. And even then it only turns on for a few seconds so it's not ideal for cards with this cooling solution imo. Otherwise I have no problems with the idea of the fans not spinning. Even when I'm playing my main game it usually doesn't turn on which is good, but I still need a functioning exhaust so that's why my solution is probably just the connecting the radiator fans to the mobo instead of having it in sync with the gpu f
  8. I'm pretty sure I flipped it into P mode. I think i's just that the 0 rpm option in AMD settings tells all 3 fans of the GPU to not do anything (unsure about the pump but probably also counted into that) so I end up having a single rear fan for exhaust and nothing leaves through the radiator on top. I don't mind the blower fan not spinning as much. But I think this can be solved by just connecting the 2 fans into mobo/hub then, and then leaving the rgb connectors alone. Hopefully they still work like that, but to be honest the top fan rgb is really not visible since I keep the pc o
  9. This is the hub for my case (dark base pro 900.) I have A connected to a pwm fan header on the motherboard and a rear exhaust fan plugged into the first slot on the left but it doesn't get picked up for some reason in the bios or in monitoring software. The same happened when I had 3 case fans connected to the top 3 slots. A from above goes to D here. I don't think I did anything wrong, is there anything that I could have messed up? Technically I can still control case fans through a front panel slider to an extent, but a custom fan curve would be ideal.
  10. Any idea what these are? They're like stuck into each other Different from the fan connectors But I'll take a closer look and see what can be done, hard to find good pictures online and I didn't pay attention that much when I installed the card.
  11. Could you technically connect these fan headers to the motherboard?
  12. Is there a way to control these in any way? It seems like they're all synced, so before I noticed the reason everything is higher temp in my pc is because when my GPU is in zero rpm mode and I'm playing a game that caps out at just below the temp limit for the fans turning on and getting pushed down again, my pc turns into a space heater because the radiator is mounted on the top with the intent of being exhaust, but if the fans on it spin for only 5 seconds every 10 minutes it's not doing any work. Ideally I'd like to keep the blower fan on the GPU not run all the time and have th
  13. Yes. I can't describe it better, which is why I can't google it, because all the results are something else. Basically little cubes(visible pixelation) on anything that has rapid movement on the screen. Maybe it's visible while recording, I'll test it soonish and update the thread if it does.
  14. Fixed after installing the optional driver. Thanks for the comments