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  1. So I found the problem, but thanks for advice, I might check it anyway for the sake of personal comfort
  2. Thanks, it worked well. I also tried opening WinDirStat as admin, and unsuprisingly it helped.. I just couldn't make myself believe in it making a difference. I really, since many years, never had any issues with that. But I also know who's the devil. I found 2 large games installed via MS store. It seems that Windows can't manage to display files from it's own store... I really hate it Anyway, thanks for help!
  3. I have a 512GB SSD, NTFS system drive. Currently it shows that only 22GB's of free space is left, where calculating size of all contents, as well as WinDirStat's report, says there's about 270GB space taken. Despite that, chkdsk shows same numbers as file explorer, 22GB's left. What's more, chkdsk and explorer show quite similar file count. Have anyone came across issue like that? I'm not using any RAID, and im counting all hidden files like hiberfil, pagefile or recycle bin. Is it an error? Is it wrong windows's size estimation? What software tells the truth than? I've never se
  4. That's cool. For some reason I couldn't convince myself to modern wireless devices. I have bad experiences from the past Thank you all for advice! P.S. Can I mark this topic as cloed or sth?
  5. Yup i won't game 24/7, for sure . But another question about wireless mouses, do they get into some sleep state when not used? Because what I like to do is keep my PC on/asleep for a long time.
  6. Seems nice for me, thanks! But do you know if it will run long on "lightspeed" mode with normal use? As i see there it is for gaming and ensures only 240H of battery lifeThe point is I have a PC with no BT, so am i stuck to new battery every 10 days? if yes I'll consider BT dongle You also made me confident in solidness of logitech peripherials so now I'm more confident to choose from their offer
  7. Hi, I will be happy to get some advice for a wireless mouse. What i need is rather plain and smooth mouse, like razer deathadder. The only thing i require is 4 programmable buttons. I'd love some mouse with 3 connection options: bluetooth (for more connectivity oprions), 2.4 GHz (for better reliability), and optional pluggable cable for not worrying about wireless-issues. My budget is around 100USD, so if my goals are not reachable in this pricepoint I'm able to resign from BT or even wireless at all. What is important for me is battery life, I won't accept charging once a week. What won't bot
  8. So i have a question about mounting HDD's in be quiet dark base 900. When I screwed my drives, they are kinda held in place by rubber grommets, but it for sure is not a tight fit, screws are not holding it rock solid in place and I can wiggle those a little bit. Is it normal with those rubber mounting systems? More importantly is it safe? Or am I installing it wrong.