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  1. Can using laptop on AC adapter, without removing battery, damage battery or make battery life shorter ... or whatever ?
  2. Can someone explain these two thermal throttle "yes" under CPU ?
  3. Ryzen 5 5500u HWinfo showed me "yes" near thermal throotling option. Is it bad or what... ? I played pubg about 30min. on AC adapter.
  4. When i plug in my headphones in laptop, quality of the sound changes. I tried to reinstalling realtek audio driver and it fixes problem, but when I switch to laptop speakers and plug in headphones again, same issue occures. I have HP pavilion so I have bang & olufsen software and I use bass boost equalizer preset. Where is the problem ?
  5. I have laptop with integrated radeon GPU. Last night I installed gameloop (emulator) for pubg and after some time (5/10min) I got info in HWinfo for power throttling. What is that and should I be worried ? Is this safe ?
  6. For now, I am using it only at home on my desk..thats why
  7. it is built in laptop. I need to open my laptop to take it out. btw...my laptop is new so battery is ok
  8. Is it save to disable battery in laptop with device menager and use it only with AC adapter. Can this damage battery bcs of not using it or...?
  9. my ryzen 5 5500u hp pavilion laptop keeps freezing after i downloaded latest drivers from hp official page (it freezes only on youtube videos ...so far)
  10. I think there is something in chrome://flags that fixes my problem. Can someone help me ?
  11. Can ryzen cpu speed increase by updating chipset driver ?
  12. Why I always need to reinstall audio driver ?? Today, after I installed few updates from windows update center, my laptop started to behave strange...It is kinda laggy idk how to describe ... specs: ryzen 5 5500u, 16GB, 1TB SSD