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  1. LoL, funny. Okay, okay. I'll live with this for a while and see how it strikes me. Thank you.
  2. Hey all! So I finished this build and I love it. It's extremely fast. FE 3090 32 Core Threadripper EKWB Quantum Reflection 1000D Samsung Pro M.2's G.Skills Full EKWB Water Cooling Asus Zenith II extreme alpha Here's what I would like help with. I'm not happy with my loop layout. I see all of these great builds with straight hardline runs and for the life of me, I wasn't able to figure that out with this build. I would prefer the lines went straight to the CPU and GPU from the Quantum Reflection distro plate as this distro plate was made for this exact case.
  3. I noticed that the mobo oled does a bunch of memory stuff on boot and there's 128 gigs of it. Could that be why? That it's taking a long time to check a bunch of memory?
  4. This is with fast boot turned off. Note the first time I did this, it restarted itself twice before booting. Hasn't happened again, but I don't know what that was about
  5. This is from the task manager. Last bios time is not the actual boot time but I can use this to compare.
  6. I'll turn off fast boot and try that. I do have the latest bios.
  7. Hey all! So I finished my build! It has 40 second boot times. What's up with that? The system is a… 9070 32 Core Threadripper Zenith II Extreme Alpha Mobo 3x Samsung Pro 2TB M.2 Drives 128 gigs GSkillz 3600 Memory 3090 FE GPU EKWB Watercooled You know, I turned on fast boot. I made sure I installed the operating system on an M.2. I don’t have a lot of startup apps. I think the bios is all good. Any thoughts why boot times may be this slow? Thank you!
  8. Yup, that’s possible. I went ahead with a single rad push/pull system and get Collin ground 37 to 42 c at idle. I think I’ll do a phase two of this build where I may hook up the other rad and fans and do as you say. Thank you.
  9. It’s a 32 core threadripper and a 3090. The rads are EKWB XE Coolstream 480's (quad).
  10. Thank you. Yeah, I guess that’s an option. Just wanted the extra cooling because of the thick rads and QL's (not the best static pressure). You think QL's would be enough to push air through those rads?
  11. My fill port is neatly sandwiched between the radiators and the distro plate. The distro plate is custom built by EKWB to fit the Corsair 1000d case, so there are no alternative mounting options. It's a hardline system so the radiator / distro plate combo is immovable. If I move the radiator to fill the distro plate, of course I can’t fill the whole loop without the radiator in place. This is a nifty little challenge
  12. Well, my hope was that even though they are slightly under pressure the push/pull configuration would take care of that. Let me know if you don't think that's the case.
  13. Awesome, thank you. Yup these are OD 16MM with EK 16MM fittings. I think the OD is pretty flexible with those. Fingers crossed.
  14. Yeah, I found Bykski Metal Pre-Bent Rigid Tubing - Chrome Plated Copper - 16mm, but it's not all I need and a waste to buy pre-bent tubes if I don't need them.