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  1. I need a computer for game development, coding, gaming, things like that. I'm currently using an all in one computer so I would be glad to upgrade. My budget is 1000$, that's it lol
  2. Cpu: Intel Core i3-10105F Mobo: Gigabyte H410M-H Ram: VenomRX 8GB 3000Mhz RGB SSD: V-Gen 256GB M.2 - Hyper Series Graphics card: MSI RX 550 4GB Case: Power Up Raptor Black Strike 1501 PSU: Enlight En-450W
  3. My computer is an all in one so It's gonna be impossible to remove something without damaging something else.
  4. So basically, I'm trying to build a computer since my old one is garbage and I plan on overclocking it and I wanna know if the H410 chipset supports overclocking.
  5. I'm getting 200ge, single 8gb stick (I plan on upgrading later)
  6. Hey, I am currently trying to find some parts to put into my build and I just wanna know how much fps am I gonna get using radeon vega 3, I really don't wanna make this bad.
  7. I'm gonna be pairing it with amd ryzen 5 3400g
  8. So I am currently searching for products to add to my s**tbucket and I just wanna know if the asrock a320m hdv support integrated graphics.
  9. I want pc a gaming pc for around 500$. I only really play GTA 5, rocket league, and some other small indie games.