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  1. If its somthing like MSI afterburner i think it resets the OC after a crash
  2. I hate the word "Glitch" its used so much to mean so much and hides actual problem IE is the ram broken? No but it keeps Glitching what do you mean by Glitching? I dont know its not working? So its broken yeah i guess *this is how most conversations go that involve glitch
  3. Hi as someone with who still has a lot of spinning rusts (HDDs) i still only use the windows default derangement i see no reason to use anything else
  4. XMP does not show up on my board in the bios Idk how to do it and no guides work
  5. HI i dont know anything about ram ocing but i think it voids my warrenty If i have to upgrade my motherboard AND CPU would intel be a possiblity? *if i understand right they would be happy with slwoer ram*
  6. I have both a 1060 and a 580 so it can be swaped I was under the impression the 3600 was to much work for my motherboard
  7. Heya I wanna upgrade my pc Currently it is a 3200g 16g ddr4 2666mhz 10606g/580 8g A320m-h 500w psu Thermaltake i mainly wanna upgrade the CPU want 6c/12th minimum under 500aud prefrably