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  1. i have up to a point, but it is what it is, its ok but i feel like it could be much better.... ill look into your suggestions, any tips on what type of lens to look for?
  2. im either checking wrong or seeing wrong all the ones i see are way more than that
  3. ha, ok cool, what would you say is a good price for a 6d then? im checking ebay.de and theres all sorts of combos
  4. in europe too or just in us? europe is often more problematic in that aspect...
  5. Hello, I am in the process of setting up some social media to share my tabletop crafting stuff, I am also thinking of starting a basic youtube channel to share some of my stuff. In order to do any of it I need a camera that would ideally be capable of recording a good video and taking good pictures. The obvious answer is typically "use your smartphone" but my phone is a samsung s7 and its... dated.... I have no plans of upgrading my phone in the near future as it still works (mostly). As such I am looking to buy a camera in the 300-400€ range. Not sure how relevant the choice in th
  6. i thought so yeah, i think ill stick with 27 inch then, thx for all the info
  7. what about if I wanted something that was 32"? im guessing that rises it out of my budget?
  8. hey hey, I am in need of a monitor, I am looking to buy something in the 1440p 144hz category, my budget it around 300€ at most being 400€, I was looking at the AOC CQ27G2 but also found a number of other monitors that various topics or sites suggested, I know there is typically not a "get this its the best" answer but can anyone weigh in? Being from europe also means that some reviews from USA don't apply since at least some brands have different model numbers over here...