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  1. Budget (including currency): 600 euros Country: Lithuania Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: CorelDraw , General productivity Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): None Hello , guys. I need some suggestions for simple general productivity/coreldraw build. It's not for me so besides as i was asked for a recommendations what to buy but all prebuilts in that price range are awful cash grabs. Budget is NO
  2. I ended up buying https://www.amazon.com/Acer-Hexa-Core-Processor-Fingerprint-SF314-42-R7LH/dp/B087772M7L this one.
  3. I was thinking about some sort of tablet but i would need pretty large one then and finding a spot for a tablet to be you know upwards can also be tricky. Also i would need to buy some sort of keyboard for it because i hate typing on touch screens. So i feel like laptop fits my needs better.
  4. Oh yes! I guess i didint state anything useful in my OP. It wont be carried a lot so battery does not need to be very big. Generally screen size and overall size can be whatever as long as it is not super small or super big. It's just something i can take to bed to watch something before sleep or pay taxes . "How long does it need to last (in years)?" Longer the better! But on serious note usual spawn of electronic devices these days should suffice.
  5. Hello , good people. I will try to be super brief . I'm looking to buy a simple laptop for simple things like watching youtube , surfing a bit of internet. I have gaming desktop PC so i dont need any kind of horsepower from it. Budget is ... i dont even know , 400 / 500 euros? I never really found laptops to be interesting so even though i'm half competent in desktop hardware my knowledge of mobile platform is way smaller . Suggestions and Recommendations are very welcome!
  6. Hello there. It is time to change a keyboard for me and i'm looking for your suggestions and recommendations! I'm currently using this one https://modecom.com/en/volcano-lanparty-rgb/ ( not sure which switches i have though , havent cleaned it in a while ) and even though i think it's a great keyboard for a price it is starting to show it's age. My main 'requirements' are : 1. 65 or 60 % form factor as i have limited space on my desk. 2. Some light RGB to at least be able to match solid colors with rest of my setup. I dont need anything too fancy though as
  7. Yeah... it was not a likely fix. If you are confident that your method of reinstalling windows was correct one ( personally i would just go for a complete reinstall, wiping drive clean , you can store files somewhere else for safe keeping ) then it must be hardware. And if it is hardware my first suspicion would go to MOBO . Could be anything really though so if you have a way to swap a component or two i would firstly try something easier like GPU or PSU. Ah , by the way , did you try to update your BIOS ?
  8. List seems pretty long to me, but honestly i cant say. It's just that i've seen a case there one of peripherals cause system to behave similar to yours . WHY noone figured out but after ditching one of the perhps it stopped. But it's a long shot.
  9. What resolution are you playing at ? If someone plays at 1080p he will get much higher FPS ( if not bottlenecked by CPU ) than someone playing at 1440p or even 4k. 'FPS' is a very bad metric to compare anything really.
  10. What temperatures do you reach while you run benchmark? If your components are frying themselves alive they will downclock to survive in turn reducing their performance and your FPS. Also what kind of PSU does your PC have?
  11. It might sound stupid but it could possibly be caused by one of your peripherals. Do you have another mouse ,keyboard , headphones/speakers you could swap ?
  12. I would avoid Corsair RGB honestly. It is notoriously finicky and iCue software can be giant pain in arse.
  13. So you had an SSD with windows, decided to install an extra HDD for storage and whatnot and now your SSD with OS is not showing up anymore?