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  1. homi which legion were you talking about ?
  2. work, travelling, bit of heavy gaming and video editing stuff for the marketing stuff
  3. it really depends on the situations but most of the time they are not that great of value
  4. ok a few days ago i made a post asking for suggestion for helping my friend to buy a laptop so, he bought one and he dropped it into a god damn river yes i know i did not get how did he dropped it in a river he said he was distracted, which i kinda get cuz he is a bit easy to get distracted and now his birthday is coming so i want to gift him a new laptop (and hope he dosent drop it this time.) so please tell me which laptop to buy him i am willing to spend about at most 1200 freedom-$(USD) i am thinking a AMD one would be good but i dont know that much about mobile GPUs and CPUs
  5. here i have deleted the other two partitions but the option to expand the drive is greyed out
  6. did you not read the damn post ?
  7. homi its unallocated space i have deleted the other partitions
  8. i replaced my hard drive recently and the person who replaced it partitioned it into 3 part so i wanted to allocate all that storage to C drive how do i do it cuz in disk management i dont have the option to expand the space even when i have like 300GB un used
  9. my god i am bad at remembering names LOL
  10. wait what ? I did not know that someone died from LTT last
  11. i am talking about the LTT editor tylar LOL
  12. hello there, i was wondering if i am the only person who thinks that Tylar, taylar, how ever its spelled looks like a hollywood star and really handsome ? it looks like he could be the hero of a good high budget film do you guys also think that ?
  13. homi well i went to place a bid and find out my account is permanently suspended for some reason that i dont know perfect just my life