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  1. Asking here as nobody can seem to figure this out. I have an application that requires the smallest boot-time/TTL possible with GPUs attached to a VM in GCP CE. To keep cost down, my infrastructure is dependent on starting and stopping dedicated instances as demand increases/decreases. (I would convert to containers but gpu costs are too high) I have achieved sub-5second start times with custom images without GPUs, but as soon as I attach a GPU, the time to "RUNNING" is always past 20-30s. I have tried multiple different distros, clear linux, prepackaged Nvidia driver ima
  2. Update: @SteveiJobs I saw these - let us know if you managed to fix your problem
  3. As the title suggests, how would I overclock a Nvidia GPU in a GCP VM? Obviously, I'm asking whether it is possible in theory and where to look for this type of speculation I'm running Win10 server. Thanks guys
  4. Maybe you're right, but maybe... https://looking-glass.io/ I haven't tried it personally, but maybe this is OP's best bet?
  5. Try this: https://github.com/DualCoder/vgpu_unlock Or https://forum.level1techs.com/t/gaming-on-my-tesla-more-likely-than-you-think/171185 I attempted vgpu passthrough this week, extremely hit or miss but the best community to ask is https://discord.gg/tCxUJEV275 There's mentions of a dummy x driver then configurating the nvidia card to use that dummy driver, For Windows VMs you'll need vGPU support which is only for GRID licensed cards - ask on the discord I linked But you can 100% do what you are describing - either through what I have linked abo
  6. Can't find a forum with decent people for google cloud help so I'm asking here, does any have any experience creating a custom win10 disk image for gcloud compute engine and could help out on how to do it? I have my own windows license and refuse to pay Google's fees for their own windows licenses - stupid expensive.