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  • CPU
    i5 9500f
  • Motherboard
    tuf z390-pro gaming
  • RAM
    2x8gb 3600 mhz corsair rgb pro
  • GPU
    560 ti 560 se
  • Case
    Cooler Master HAF 932 AMD Edition Case

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  1. i have a i5 9400f on a tuf gaming pro z390 and i had no problem for a long time and i put 2 560s in and they ran 50C most of the time they where clean and i tryed taking them out switching them so its just a random hi pitch all the time if i restart it will go away for a bit.and i also have my cpu running at 4.1ghz i disable multicore enhancement and it helped and it seemed to go away
  2. no like get rid of like buy a hard drive and get rid of the old one it 6+years old and to be honest i dont want to pay that much rn so a hard drive will do
  3. i am planning to get a new hard drive and i was wondering if i could transfer all my stuff and windows and what it would it take because my hard drive is pretty old...
  4. laptop and also man 5$ in a year thats less then a 50c a month for a gaming computer that not bad and
  5. not much form you hole pc not much form having that pc
  6. burh its 8w and your pc is probably using 360w 450w like really you want performance your going to give it up for that why
  7. older update and only way to get more performance is to overclock and xmp thats it under volting will not it will suck its power when you put turbo boost on so and xmp will take its power by its self and on the f cpus its not that hard as long as you pick the right ones on dont go playing around in bios to far
  8. you could go to a older windows if you want