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  1. Well I found a way to improve the temperatures. It turns out that EVGA precision x1 that I was using to tweak the fan curves has a tiny little check box to activate custom fan curves that I missed.... I feel a bit dumb but the gpu is much cooler now XD 40° is a little bit better.
  2. I guess that's gonna be the solution then. Probably won't be doing it any time soon since things are running ok (just hot) and its a right pain to dismantle but thanks for the suggestions!
  3. @freeagentTo be honest the temperatures on mine never seem to get to the point of affecting the performance at all so its perfectly usable but It just seems to be too hot under low loads, I've tried changing the fan curves but nothing seems to keep it lower than 50° apart from fans at full speed.Im starting to think cutting a space for a fan at the front might be the easiest solution.
  4. @thrasher_565 I tried it without the fan and it seems to be about the same, but CPU runs a bit hotter so I guess the fan does at least do something.
  5. Yeah the slats don't go through for some reason. I was thinking of cutting the top of them and putting a fan on the inside where the holes are but I was really hoping someone would have a miracle solution requiring no mods but I figured that wouldn't happen.
  6. @OhioYJ Since that also requires cutting the case I'd probably do that if I decide to add the extra fans at the bottom and I still need the extra air flow. For the fan in the front wouldn't I need to cut intake for it? There's currently no gaps on the front panel.
  7. @JeppesThats a good point but since the back is very visible in my current setup I would be a bit more worried about messing that up If I cut it.
  8. In that case I'll leave it for now and add them when I upgrade since it'll probably need the extra cooling then. Thanks for your help!
  9. @TVwazhere@Caroline Thanks for the info! I take it there's no way to go without modding then? I'm not entirely against it but it just seems like pulling everything out would be a bit of a pain since I had to get pretty creative since there was no cable management and most things didn't fit easily. Currently my system sits at around 50° idle and maxes about 78° under load. would it be worthwhile or am I worrying too much?
  10. Sounds like a better idea than what I had so if modding is the only way I'll probably do that thanks!
  11. I made my first build a while back as a bit of a joke when the old family pc died, and the thing runs great and I've never had any problems due to temps but it does run a bit hot. I would just add some fans but there is only one place to install a fan and it is already in use (Noctua NF-R8 Redux PWM). I had the idea of maybe adding a fan to the front of the case and cutting some holes in the weird fake vents at the front for an intake but I'm not too keen on modding the case. Anyone have any suggestions on what I could do to improve temps. without replacing the case since tha
  12. Might try going over with a multimeter if I can be bothered but I'll probably just sell it for parts, thanks for your help though!
  13. I tried it with the clocks as low as afterburner would let me go and kept gradually lowering the power from 100 down 80 and the power made no difference. It plays fine with the lowered clock until I leave it paused for a while at which point it freezes.
  14. Ive run It on my other 1080Ti for ages and its never had any issues. also I'm running it currently with my laptop on an external GPU unit with a different power supply and the issue is still present
  15. I tried messing with the power and memory clocks and got the thing to not artefact in kombustor at around -100MHz and 90% power, but it would still crash in games. Then I thought why not just go for it and lowered it to 80% power at -340 MHz on the memory clock... and it ran bo3 with no issues until I tabbed out to check afterburner and it froze. Also when I tried it at -100MHz at 90% I got this error from BO3 not sure If it mean anything to anyone but figured it might help