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  1. https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/65180574 https://www.3dmark.com/spy/22336966 These results after above tweaks. Next I think I will tweak tfcdrw from 22 to 10-8, run another 3 cycles of TM5 and if stable, enable 5800x PBO and Negativd curve.
  2. What do you think about my custom tunning? Any suggestions for more changes?
  3. As I can see in current YT videos, SAM gives a nice boost of 10 FPS approx, while REBAR from Nvidia gives in many cases barely 1-2 FPS in other cases none. Can we expect Nvidia optimize the drivers and ReBar algorithms to give similar improvement in performance as AMD's SAM? Thoughts?
  4. Educational: Could game developers use RT (AI) Cores for other missions like Physx?
  5. one suggested this here: Run BMI for 30 minutes and repeat until you do not crash in this test. DFenz has informed me through his testing that Hitman 2 seems to reveal instability better than many other games, so it may be useful for you to test using it as well. The free starter pack is available on steam here.
  6. FireStrike: http://www.3dmark.com/fs/26085333 Score: 25121 First run failed (stuck in middle), I decreased the sub curve pins bit lower from +150Hz to +130Hz (red pins) (give bit more voltage per speed jump) but kept the highest pin (2010Mhz @ 975mV) un-changed, then FireStrike ran fine and finished with the score above mentioned. RED +130Hz Yellow +145Hz Green +150Hz Personal Note: Afterburner Profile #3
  7. I was adjusting the OC curve in after burner and each time running furmark, if no black screen, I then ran timespy. These tests i did couldn't damage the card by furmark due to the protection in place, correct? P.s. I did not over volt, I kept 981mV as max pinned voltage in curve.
  8. Is that due to Nvidia built in Protection, when I run furmark at 113% power limit, it hits around 1750-1800Mhz and gives 200 FPS but when I run 113% power limit, it goes 2000-2040Mhz but at 155 FPS? Palit 3070 Gaming Pro
  9. Tweaked the GPU curve bit more (profile 3): Core pinned at top 2070Mhz @ 975mV with VRAM default 7000Mhz FireStrike Score: 25029
  10. Update: Tweaked the GPU curve bit more (profile 3): Core pinned at top 2070Mhz @ 975mV with VRAM default 7000Mhz TimeSply Score: 12428 I like how I can pin point tweak the curve and get to better results without exceed voltage Then ran TimeSpy again:
  11. I cant see any temp sensors for VRAM in palit 3070 gamingpro... so how I can check temps for vram? BTW all these few days I ran ram 7800Mhz, couldn't damage it? Also I dropped the core speed a little bit as when it boosts it couldn't sustain the boost at 975mv, so I dropped a bit the clock to around 2040 so pin so when it boosts it can sustain at 975mv, now it max boosting to 2070Mhz @ 975mV instead 2085Mhz boost. I test time spy as it's very sensitive to stability. Then if time spy OK, I test firestrike.