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  1. So in trying to install a new PSU and right from the motherboard slots on the psu there are 2 8pin slots but below that there are 3 of the same kind. the names are the same so im really confused.
  2. The one with the red stripes. well i dont know if i can do the following things: -take out gtx 1070 ti with its cables from my pc. -take out rtx 3070 ti from different computer with its cables. -put gtx 1070 ti in other computer and the cables from the 1070 ti in the psu. -take the rtx 3070 ti to my pc. -swap my psu for a better one so my system has enough power. -plug rtx 3070 ti in new psu in my pc. Does this work? Can i use the cables from the gpu or do i get new cables with my new psu that i need to use. Ive never replaced a gpu or ps
  3. Oh okay, also im trying to remove my gpu and its cables to move it to the different pc tomorow but the part of the cable that goes to the psu is so confusing. I dont get anything about what i see xd.
  4. So im upgrading my current gpu (1070 ti) to a rtx 3070 ti suprim x. my current gpu is still installed in my current build but im going to take it out in a second. the new gpu is also already installed in a different build so basically im just swapping the gpu’s. my question is, can i just use the cables from the new gpu and use them in my build and use my gpu’s cables and put them in the other build or do i need to buy new cables? i got a new psu coming to my home tomorow so my pc will have enough watt but tomorow is when i will be swapping gpu’s
  5. I got the card out. I just skipped step 1. i had to wiggle the card safely around and then press down on the lever thing with a flat head. thank you so much for the help :))))
  6. What is the rear io?
  7. Ive just tried it again with more pressure but that thing is not moving at all. i dont wana break it off.
  8. Ive tried using a screwdriver but i dont wana deathstab my motherboard simce this build is pretty new
  9. Im trying to remove my GPU to switch it to a different build but i cant get it out because of the push down lever. i screwed all the lock thingies at the side out but i just cant push down on the lever. i need help