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  1. It kind of is but from the looks of it, I wont be able to get that since 11th gen and 5000 series is crazy expensive in my country. I made the choice of the 10700 when I compared it to the 5600x which are basically the same price but the 10700's 8 cores give me leeway for some intense workflows while still giving basically the same performance of the 5600x in productivity.
  2. Well I dont care that much for upgradability since I'm looking at this as a long term investment. Taking that into consideration, which one would be a better choice? Yea that's basically baked into my subconscious for the past 5-6 years now. But their laptops used to be pretty sweet around 2 years ago when I bought mine.
  3. I've been talking to a bunch of system integrators over the past few weeks and came up with a few options for a pc: i7 10700f + 3070 for 1900 USD 5800x + 3060 for 1850k USD Been looking at pc parts and prices for a long time now and would appreciate a fresh pair of eyes advising me on which is better. I want to game, use blender, premiere and after effects.
  4. These are all the ones. I'm using online configurators from two different local vendors.
  5. Not possible as well, they only have two case models from MSI and they dont have the forge 100r. I can get either MSI MAG VAMPIRIC 010 or MSI MPG SEKIRA 100R.
  6. Cant use any of these cases since the guys from whom I'm buying from dont have them on hand. They only have Antec, Lian Li, MSI, NZXT, Ant Esport and Deepcool cases.
  7. I have a few options for some other cases: Deepcool MACUBE 110 BK Tempered MSI MAG VAMPIRIC 010 MSI MPG SEKIRA 100R Any suggestions?
  8. I've heard lots of reviews saying the same thing but many others still say that it runs fine, like JayzTwoCents and Austin Evans who both did builds in the same case with acceptable temps. I actually do want to go 5800x but its really damn expensive and not that good of a deal for me. I thought of going either with a 5600x or a 10700f and for my use case, the 10700f took the win.
  9. Yep, I've checked and the MSI 3070 does fit. Which of the two configs would you recommend?
  10. Hey, I'm looking to build a pc and after selecting the main parts, came across two options. I'm going to be using an i7 10700f + RTX 3070 in any one of these two case configurations NZXT H510 + MSI MAG B460M BAZOOKA + Antec NeoEco 750 Gold PSU + NOCTUA NH-U12S CHROMAX BLACK NZXT H210 + MSI MPG B560I Gaming + Included with NZXT H1 = NP-SP650M + Included with NZXT H1 = 140MM AIO Should I get the mini ITX build or should I get the bigger one? I've seen Austin Evan's video where he uses a 5600x along with a 3060ti in the H210 build. I don't have much o
  11. I've got options for a 3600 & 3070 combo or a 5600x & 3060 combo. What would you recommend in a situation like that?
  12. Thank you for telling me this! Still, a few of the people from whom I've taken suggestions from recommend the 3600 and 3070 combo. Also, from my understanding, the 3600 is considered a better value. Quite conflicted here on what decision I should make.
  13. Hey lovely people of the forum! I'm looking to get myself a pc and I've ended up with two possible configs after lots of consideration. R5 3600 + RTX 3070 at approx 1700 USD and R5 5600x + RTX 3060 at approx 1600 USD I mainly want to do lots of creative work in Adobe apps and also want to game on ultra at 1080p. Which config should I get? Should I stretch my budget to get the 1700 USD config or just get the 1600 USD one. Any help would be greatly appreciated :D