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  1. Nvm it was a software problem because I have 32 bit windows
  2. I can do with the cpu z but in the task manager it's all in Arabic
  3. Yeah the task manager and the performance in games is worse overall
  4. I'm sorry I'm just really upset I didn't mean offend you
  5. Well Idk man I don't think it's the cmos either I checked it and it was fine
  6. If it did then the pc would boot up in 3 minutes or so but it boots up in like 1 minute the only problem I'm facing Is with games
  7. Bro the problem isn't in the slots because I tried what you said before thx for the help tho
  8. I have 8gb ram they were working fine for a year I went for a vacation for one month came back now it says 8gb(1.92 gb usable) and no no one else uses the pc and I checked the sticks they are fine so what do I do?