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  1. i been looking around alot and it starting to seem like thats the case
  2. budget is capped at 2.5 k usd. for performance i really don't need much, now a days i only use the browser some basic office programs and a few math specifik tools that dont need any kinda real power. i was looking on youtube earlier today and saw a LTT video about the sensel keypad witch i think might giv me what i want in a tuchpad but i cant find a laptop with it
  3. i been using mac laptops for over 10 years now. a mac air before my current macbook pro and have over the years had a shit ton a issues with software compatibility issues. witch i there is ways around but it creates alot of issues. Wile i in the past have had to admit that appel made the best laptops for my use. have i never like apple as a company. so i will chose the best product for my use case, but i will always take a long hard look at what’s happening at the windows laptop side of things before supporting a company i really don't like. also the apple ecosystem is n
  4. hey so my current laptop a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) battery is dying. so i'm trying to figure out whether I want to repair it ore buy a new laptop. So I’m looking of suggestions for a new laptop as I find it vary had to find a laptop that manages to give me a as good or better user/interfacing experience then my current laptop. my requirements for a new windows laptop is. a trackpad that’s as good or better as my current macbook pro why is it so hard to find a non-mac with a good trackpad? a screen with as good as