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  1. Well that’s not a good sign. Otherwise I’ll need to find a new cpu soon. My MB only takes 9th gen as the newest. Which will got out of production in June and they’ll stop selling them late December 2021
  2. Haven’t touched the connectors but can test it tomorrow. I don’t have another cpu sadly. Was why is was wondering if I should buy a new one
  3. So i was having problems with my pc. I could only boot into automatic repair mode, but i was unabel to get into Windows. I also tried to wipe it but I wiped for 2 minutes, then it would take me to the start of automatic repair again. The next day I wouldn’t turn on. I tried reseating the ram and GPU. Everything has power and fans are running at full rpm and no video output. Also tried without GPU still no video output. Could it be my CPU that has died? specs: i7 8700k Msi GTX 1070 oc 2x 8gb Corsair vengeance rgb msi z370 krait gaming motherboard cou