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  1. Funny
    raphidy reacted to ARikozuM in Honda getting their "Urban EV" ready for production   
    Why can't more cars look like Mazda-chan?

  2. Agree
    raphidy reacted to seon123 in Ryzen 3000 Leaks   
  3. Funny
    raphidy reacted to Fooshi in Windows 10 October Update 2018 - Re-Released   
    Remember, you asked for this half-arsed Picasso-looking disaster of a UI.
  4. Agree
    raphidy reacted to LAwLz in Windows 10 October Update 2018 - Re-Released   
    Did they fix the other issues in the update?
    The function for detecting duplicate files was in some instances broken, and would just overwrite files without prompting the user. Apparently 1809 in the insider ring had a quite big performance impact according to this article. The update breaking things like Edge and the Store if IPv6 was disabled.  
    I don't see why we should blame smartphones.
    I think we should blame Microsoft for:
    1) Trying to emulate smartphones but on the PC. I seriously think Microsoft needs to stop trying to dumb down Windows to be like a locked down smartphone OS.
    2) Not doing proper testing.
    3) Rushing things for apparently no purpose. Did someone actually ask for several major updates every year? It was clearly not companies because Microsoft has bent over backwards to try and please them by slowing releases down. They offer the Long Term Service Branch. They give Enterprise users more freedom to delay updates. They extended the support for older versions to let companies stay on older releases for longer... And if some user wants to constantly get new features how about letting them be an insider? Why push all these rushed things out to everyone?
    4) Not giving users control over updates to the same extent as they have in the past. If you're going to remove user control over something then you better be 100% fucking sure that you can do a better job than the user can. Microsoft has clearly demonstrated that they can't, and yet they haven't given us control over our computers back.
    Everything you described here is a Microsoft issue. You try and make it sound like this type of management is inevitable in the world of software but it isn't.
    Microsoft has decided to do things this way, and we as consumers suffers from it.
    The horrible architecture of Windows strikes again!
    It's amazing that this giant mess of spaghetti code even works to begin with.
    The problem isn't that bugs slip through the cracks. Several of the major bugs in this update had been reported to Microsoft several times, and Microsoft decided to ship it anyway. Plus, all of the data harvesting they are doing should have caught this, right? I mean, that is the justification people always give for why Microsoft should be monitoring what we do on our computers.
    Microsoft entire knew about the issue and decided to release the update anyway, or the feedback hub is useless. My guess is that it's a bit of both.
  5. Informative
    raphidy reacted to LAwLz in EU Competition Commisioner wants to force Apple and others to switch to USB-C industry standard for charging phones   
    I hope you're joking... But I am not sure.
    Several years ago (almost a decade at this point), phone manufacturers signed a voluntary agreement to switch over to micro-USB for their devices. This was because at the time, basically everyone had their own charger standard and it produced a ton of waste. Even Apple agreed to it.
    However, the EU is now realizing that it hasn't had as big of an effect as intended, partially because Apple's solution to complying was to just sell a lighting to USB adapter (and at the time, 30-pin dock to micro-USB as pointed-out by Ars, if you had read the article).
    Believe it or not, but the people in EU aren't brain-dead morons who doesn't understand technology. The person in charge of this investigation into unifying phone chargers is the same person who worked on regulations for Galileo and the Copernicus Programme. Also, whenever these types of investigations are made external sources are contacted for advice and help. It's not a 60 year old guy sitting in a room throwing darts at which law to pass.
    They could, but the European market has generated over 47 billion dollars in revenue for Apple so far this year alone. We're talking hundreds of billions of dollars lost for Apple if their devices were to be banned in Europe.
    I really doubt Apple makes that much money from their Lighting licensing revenue. It's probably not even 1/100 of the profits from the EU market, so it would make no financial sense to not comply if it meant jeopardizing their second biggest revenue source (the first being Americas).
  6. Funny
    raphidy got a reaction from Taf the Ghost in AMD confirms the Vega 20, 2018 7nm being tested.   
    Waiting for Navi.
  7. Funny
    raphidy got a reaction from DLex in AMD confirms the Vega 20, 2018 7nm being tested.   
    Waiting for Navi.
  8. Agree
    raphidy reacted to cj09beira in AMDs Q1/2018 financial results.   
    you mean zen 2 ?, that will certainly be a good time to build a machine
  9. Agree
    raphidy reacted to DeScruff in Chat is Google's next attempt at messaging on Android   
    I guess Im just the super anti-social person who just uses SMS and Discord.  Though I never have long conversations via SMS. and even then I think of Discord as more of a desktop program then other things like Snapchat and WhatsApp (Side note: I seriously hate that name, I get it its supposed to be a pun of "Whats up", but the first time I heard it I didn't get that, and I got more of a "Who's on first Whats on second" vibe)
    I personally loathe when someone says I should get snapchat, messenger, whatsapp, instagram, insert the millions of other social media/messaging apps. Im not going to install a million apps just so you can send me stupid memes and talk to me once in a blue moon.
  10. Funny
    raphidy reacted to AnonymousGuy in Lenovo quietly introduces new affordable ThinkPads with AMD Ryzen Mobile and Up To 9 Hours of Battery Life   
    1366 x 768
    LOL.  Why the fuck does this resolution even exist anymore?  You could buy that resolution back in 2007 and even then it was considered "budget"!
  11. Informative
    raphidy reacted to leadeater in (Updated) AMD Navi GPU to Offer GTX 1080 Class Performance at ~$250 Report Claims   
    Zen actually already is out of bandwidth, that's why when you go over 2933Mhz ram the performance doesn't go up. DDR4 2666 dual channel is 42.5GB/s and DDR4 2933 dual channel is 47GB/s.

    Any memory bandwidth above 38GB/s is going to have very little impact on performance, which incidentally is why Ryzen 2 (Zen+) performance is not actually coming from the faster memory support unless IF bandwidth is also increased.
    For this reason as well I also doubt the central cache die.
  12. Agree
    raphidy got a reaction from CTR640 in [Large Update] OWL pro DreamKazper indefinitely suspended after allegations of sexual misconduct with minors   
    Gawd, puberty sometimes hit late. Just remembered the guy from How to catch a predator...
    I mean, I was into 14yrs girls when I was 14-16. But after 18, it's like nope, please, mature women are just much better can't deal with drama.
    Hopes he gets punishement but 10 years is too much. You are basically ruining a kid right here.
  13. Agree
    raphidy got a reaction from NMS in [Large Update] OWL pro DreamKazper indefinitely suspended after allegations of sexual misconduct with minors   
    Gawd, puberty sometimes hit late. Just remembered the guy from How to catch a predator...
    I mean, I was into 14yrs girls when I was 14-16. But after 18, it's like nope, please, mature women are just much better can't deal with drama.
    Hopes he gets punishement but 10 years is too much. You are basically ruining a kid right here.
  14. Agree
    raphidy reacted to MageTank in MSI's Facebook representative throws shade at AMD graphics cards [Update]   
    Are you honestly expecting perfect English grammar from MSI India? If you want to fault their response, by all means, but lets not get that petty.
    @ topic, I don't really follow the logic behind the removal of "gaming" branding creating a monopoly. I get the general disdain towards GPP, but the cards having the word "gaming" on the box doesn't really impact the performance of the product. It might impact sales of the product, but ultimately that would hurt the add in boards partners more than anything if they cannibalize half of their branding for the sake of one manufacturer. It's certainly their choice to do so, but whether or not it ends up biting them in the end will be entirely up for the market to decide.
    I certainly don't expect AMD to suffer all that much, given how little the gaming segment actually brings in for their GPU's. We all know miners won't care what's on the box, lol. 
  15. Agree
    raphidy reacted to Frankenburger in AMD announces open source ray tracing at GDC *Interview update*   
    The unfortunate truth about open source is that it doesn't guarantee widespread adoption. FreeSync took off surprisingly well, but the echos of Vulkan have died down quite a bit. Also, GPUOpen rendering techniques like TressFX are far less common than HairWorks, despite all its merits. I mean, how many games even use GPUOpen?
    Don't get me wrong, I hope that AMD's solution takes the limelight away from Nvidia's solution. But there's more to being successful than being open source.
  16. Agree
    raphidy reacted to stateofpsychosis in Overclock Noob   
    You mean 3.8ghz or 3800mhz   and 2.8ghz or  2800mhz for your memory.
    don't just ask a question like this on a forum..
    That's not good enough.
    You need to watch some videos on it.
    If you're this new to overclocking, you're not ready to overclock memory yet either.
    Just enable the XMP profile for that for now.
    Your CPU overclock works like this.
    You want to increase the core multiplier until you hit instability, then you increase the vcore by 0.01 until you can pass an AIDA64 stress test while making sure you stay under 80 degrees. I wouldn't recommend using a dynamic vcore. Getting that right is too complicated starting out especially things that will throw you off while trying to get stability like unexpected shutdowns and stuff so start out with a manual setting for it.
    I'm not sure about Gigabyte motherboards, but that could be called a few things like manual, override, etc.
    It's good to refer to a guide for your specific motherboard for this stuff so you know.
    I can't see your bios and am not familiar with that board so I'm not sure what's in there.
    Again, follow a guide on this because you'll likely miss something or I'll miss something answering you if you're just asking this in a forum.
    In fact, watch more than one guide.
    Memory overclocking is more complicated than just voltages and clock speeds.
    You have to adjust timings as well and you definitely should follow a guide on overclocking DDR4 for that.
    You should not be trying to overclock both at once either.
    Do one at a time or else you won't know which one is your problem.
    Anyways, there are a lot of great guides on this stuff and lots of simple ones that are good for beginners. Jayztwocents usually does quick and dirty overclock guides for stuff. Maybe check his out.
  17. Agree
    raphidy reacted to Misanthrope in [UPDATED 2] - Nvidia GPP shows its first victim   
    Let me tell you the worst part of all of this: It will work.
    I'm sure AMD just won't be able to come back with a decent product it looks like they might slide down further behind Nvidia for the time being since they might need to rework their architecture from the ground up and just don't have the resources to go around bribing devs and getting better optimization so their next gen products will still be more of the same:
    1) Competitive vs Nvidia on the mid-range while noticeable more power hungry
    2) Not very competitive in the high end while being significantly more power hungry
    3) Somewhat competitive in the low end.
    The problem is that while Nvidia has the performance crown on 2) they can really leverage that into sales for 1) and 3). AMD's best hope is that cryptos stay strong since that will net them big wins for a while longer but well that problem also further takes them out of the public eye for gamers where they were already always a distant second place. Nvidia knows this and they seem to be betting on cryptos dying out soonish so they want to completely kill AMD's public perception among gamers now while they can.
    This is rather sad: I really want to stop supporting Nvidia products but it doesn't looks like I'll be able to.
  18. Agree
    raphidy reacted to The Benjamins in Nimbus ExaDrive DC100: 100TB SSD   
    A few reasons why they would spend more.
    1/6 rack space needed, meaning smaller building.
    1/4 of the power, 4x cheaper to run, less power failure devices (generators, batteries), less heavy power cabling.
    with the less power means less heat which means 4x less AC/cooling needs. 

  19. Agree
  20. Like
    raphidy reacted to The Benjamins in [UPDATED 2] - Nvidia GPP shows its first victim   
    Nvidia is learning from Intel, lovely.
  21. Funny
    raphidy got a reaction from Canada EH in Samsung unveils 30TB 2.5" SSD   
    Why do they choose to put it in a 2.5" form factor? They could cram more flash in a 3.5".
  22. Agree
  23. Agree
    raphidy reacted to RadiatingLight in Idiots are tweeting the Telugu character to crash iphone Twitter apps   
    nah these people are geniuses.
  24. Agree
    raphidy reacted to pyrojoe34 in Samsung unveils 30TB 2.5" SSD   
    1U servers are already cramped for space. If you can squeeze in a few extra drives by using 2.5” then it’s a better option. Also they block less airflow and they obviously didn’t need the extra space to get a ton of storage in there. I’m also wondering if having too many NAND chips on a single controller will have negative effects on random read/writes and it’s better to wait for larger chips than cramming a ton of smaller chips on a single PCB?
  25. Informative
    raphidy reacted to AshleyAshes in Samsung unveils 30TB 2.5" SSD   
    Because SSD's don't benefit much from being larger other than being a larger 'box' to put more chips in.  It's like two 1 cubic meter boxes vs one 2 cubic meter boxes.  Both hold 2 cubic meters.  So you can stack up 2.5" SSDs instead of 3.5" larger single SSDs, except you can fit a 2.5" into a more compact space if needed and that means more flexibility.