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    2 x E5-2670 / R7 2700X
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    EP2C602-4L/D16 / X470 STRIX-F
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    ECC 32GB/CRUCIAL 32GB OCed 3066mhz
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    Onboard / AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Waterforce WB Xtreme Edition
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    HAF 932 / Fractal Define S
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    SSD + HDD
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    Seasonic PRIME ULTRA TITANIUM 750/Fractal Design Newton R3 1000W
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    HEADLESS/ 3 x Korean 2560x1440
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    2 x Hyper 212 evo / BYKSKI AM4
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    N/A / DAS keyboard
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    N/A / G502
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    Onboard/ Onboard + Ibasso D10
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    Server 2016/ WS10

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  1. Alice or Alice... has good plot so far.
  2. Gaming + streaming box. I want.
  3. You should check in recording devices and monitor the sound of the mic if it's not there try another usb port or update usb drivers.
  4. I like the audio re-routing. I was use audio router to split my recorded audio and whatever playing on my browser to not have it recorded. Upgraded. So far no issues.
  5. Good results. I am waiting for threadripper 4.5ghz 16cores so i can drop my peasant 1700. Maybe I'll go with Navi at the same time.
  6. I just don't care, I text my friends with sms and FB messenger for anyone I know.
  7. Yes, his esport career is dead but I'm even more sad for his life. 10 years incarcerated, out at 31, no more esport for sure at that age. Then what? Trying to get a job at McDonalds? Trying to get degree at something at that age requires a lot of discipline, not sure if a gamer could do that.
  8. Gawd, puberty sometimes hit late. Just remembered the guy from How to catch a predator... I mean, I was into 14yrs girls when I was 14-16. But after 18, it's like nope, please, mature women are just much better can't deal with drama. Hopes he gets punishement but 10 years is too much. You are basically ruining a kid right here.
  9. Last resort would be backup, wipe OS drive and reinstall windows. I would do it since it's not normal to have difficulties when idling/internet browsing with your rig. I would double check drives with crystaldiskinfo and verify drive health.
  10. You don't have an igpu since the 1700 does not have one. Open a game and monitor cpu and gpu usage in task manager.
  11. Sorry, i have no idea what you are talking about. OP has a GPU problem. Unlike you, you have a CPU problem. CPU generally don't have drivers, they just work. Only chipset has drivers. Please post in another new thread if you want help.
  12. At least 6, which half was probably pushed by AMD. Doom and Wolfenstein are very good implementation of Vulkan. I am still hoping for DICE to implement Vulkan on BF games instead of DX12. I mean, EA pushed mantle but not vulkan, so weird. It seems like developers mostly port opengl games to vulkan to benefit modern hardware/ or compatibility with linux but that's it.
  13. Try earlier whql drivers, not the latest. Clean install everytime. And update windows at the same time.