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  1. im on a 61 key keyboard tbh i dont really remember how i did i actually think i held tab key till the cap bind changed colours
  2. so i got my mechanical keyboard here and the caps light is always blue whenever i change rgb and when im trying to type it dosent work can someone help me pls?
  3. i might get a 3070 it has way better frames than the 2070 super
  4. i looked up some gameplay between a 3060 and a 2070 super and theyre pretty much the same
  5. maybe a 2070 super or a 2080ti would fall under that?
  6. i live in canada lmao but they sell cards cheaper as well
  7. plus im probably going to buy it in december theres gonna be crazy discounts
  8. mhm interesting ill look them out if i have like 700-800$ ill get a 3060 and the psu is not included
  9. oh ight so what would be a good gpu under 1k$
  10. yea ill get a new psu for sure but do you think a rtx 2060 is a good option?
  11. the psu is 500watts idk the model tho im planning to change it if im upgrading dont worry
  12. now im more concerned with fps count