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  1. Yeah now I am confused and have no clue what you are talking about lmao. So are you saying that I should just use one 8gb stick and one 4gb stick so I have 12gb total, but isn't 16gb better than 12?
  2. So for my optiplex I found it cheaper to add 2 more sticks of 4gb ddr4 ram so the current 8gb stick inside. Would there be a massive performance decrease and which slots do I put the ram into?
  3. atm I have a amd firepro 2gb gddr3 low profile workstation gpu approx how much fps can I get with that combined with my system specs atm
  4. I have a 450 watt corsair 80 plus bronze psu from one of my friends old build but the problem is that it is way to bulky to fit into the optiplex, I also have a 750ti which requires external power and it is too big for the optiplex. And yes I am currently considering getting a used 1050 but atm I have a amd firepro w2100 2gb how much fps would I get if I put that in there?
  5. The specs of the Optiplex 7040 are as follows: 8gb single stick of ram running at 2666mghz I5 something base frequency 3.1ghz 4 cores 8 threads An nvme.2 ssd 360gb Intel uhd 530 graphics Dell optiplex 80 plus gold psu Dell proprietary motherboard What I want to know: What would be some good upgrades to it so that it is good for gaming in general but more specifically rocket league, minecraft and Forza Horizon 4 (and 5 when it comes out) I would prefer budget options and for all those games my goal is to hit 1080p medium (or maybe higher wi
  6. The guy that sold me the 750ti also has an amd r9 should I buy that and ask for a refund on the 750ti?
  7. Im coming to pc gaming from switch so I do not rlly mind 1080p 30 since I got 720p 20 on switch
  8. On google it says Forza is a cpu intensive game so if my cpu is a 4 core 8 thread cpu at 3.6ghz shouldn't it work decent, I am gonna pair it with 8gb duel channel ram and the 750ti is just until next year when I can get a 2060 for my bday.
  9. on 720p low how much fps will I be getting I now have an amd fx with 8 cores and 8 threads at 3.5ghz
  10. I do not have enough money for a 1650 the 750ti goes for about 180 aud on ebay and I'm trying to build a budget system since I won't be using a lot mostly for rocket league and reddit and forza horizon
  11. I found a good cpu (i3 10100f) it is 140 aud which is 50 under my budget so I think I will get that, any good motherboards for it?
  12. I need tm8s if anyone on rocket league on switch lets trade I got black Standard and a bunch of things for trade ups