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  1. I will be using the HIS 14CU RX560. It doesn't need the 6 pin connector
  2. Thank you! I will be replacing it after 3 months. I really want to get this GPU since the prices kept rising in my country. Can suggest some decent power supply?
  3. I'm planning to get a RX 560 since I got a decent deal. However, my power supply is kinda generic. My current setup right now is Intel Pentium G4560 Msi h110m vd h pro 8gb ddr4 Geil rgb 2400 128gb ssd sk hynix 500gb hdd Aero cool 500 watts psu So I'm wondering my pc can handle the RX560. I can't buy a power supply for now and it will take me 2-3 months of saving since I'm still a student. I also don't have a gpu at the moment since I only play League but I want to play other games with my friends.