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  1. Thanks for the info, I already have a PSU, case, and RTX card, so the RAM/MOBO/CPU and a m.2 drive, is looking to be around 1100, factor the parts I'm reusing its about a 2200$ setup +/- a few bucks... Like I said, I don't want a budget build, but I want outstanding stability I guess is what I should have stated before, so 65$ for peace of mind isn't a bad investment to me
  2. Honestly, not going to do nearly as much as it's capable of lol... A bit of video editing, and a bit of gaming, but nothing TOO intensive, and yes I know the entire setup I described is freaking overkill, but I figure it should save me having to upgrade for a while, just want to know what plays the nicest with the 3900x in all situations, well rounded if you will. Currently running a Hp z620 Workstation with 32g ddr3-1600, 12 core Xeon processor, and a RTX 3070 and frankly it does more than what I ask of it, but I have recently found that half my DIMM slots have failed only the 4 to the right
  3. I have read up on the RAM performance when paired with a 3900x and from what I've gathered anything running over 3733 will no longer be utilized at 1:1 and will end up nerfed by the CPU. It has been a long time since I built a PC (I'm from the era of blue screened BIOS interfaces and manual jumper overclocking lol) and all of this might as well be Greek to me. That said, I have thus far sorted through some reviews and forums and think I have decided on a ASRock X570 Velocita, with a Ryzen 9 3900x. The MOBO supports higher than 3733 RAM speeds, so I originally looked into RipJaws ddr4-4000, t