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  1. Can't Thank you guys enough. This site is great, glad I found it.
  2. Hello again, can someone confirm if its true that every laptop has a maximum capacity for PCIE and SATA? I contacted Asus Directly and this was there reply I know that it comes directly from ASUS so it must be true but upon researching more about the matter, some says that you can put a higher capacity SSD and it wont matter (others even put 2tb M.2 SSD on a laptop that the manufacturer says has only a 1Ttb Max Capacity, and so on) Now I'm even more confused and disappointed that there is actually a limit where I haven't read something like this (from my SSD researc
  3. Thank you for this comprehensive answer! I'll look more into this.
  4. Hello, Im an architect by profession. I use modeling and rendering softwares everyday and I am planning to upgrade to an SSD to help with the load times of most of my files and softwares (which are large) My question is, if the softwares (cad,revit,sketchup, lumiom, etc.) are located in the SSD and my save files are located in the HDD (to save space in my SSD) will that defeat the purpose of putting my softwares in the SSD because the HDD has the save filess or not? I hope my question make sense, thank you in advance.
  5. Thanks! big help. I just wanted to be sure
  6. the SSD works, its the SSD that came with the laptop. I just want to make sure if it can support a NVME type of SSD since an SSD is not at all cheap (atleast for me)
  7. how can I know if its SATA only? I cant find anything on the net. its a ROG GL503 I mean the SSD slot only has 1 notch (which is a NVME type)
  8. Hello, my laptop currently has a 256gb SATA SSD M.2280 installed. I want to UPGRADE it to a 1TB NVME SSD M.2280. I was wondering if its possible to do so, the SSD SLOT has an M key only (see picture) Thanks for the help!