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  1. Wow! What an explanation. Thank you very much!!! Although I am not sure that I am understanding everything. So basicly Icons, text and everything else will stay roughly close no matter how big the monitor size is. So to see everything "bigger" but on High resolution you can't do anything? I was kinde hoping that if I get a bigger monitor (still have 100 years old L1752T) I will see everything bigger from the same distance.
  2. Hello, here is the question. If you can put side by side 2 monitors. one of them 17 inches, 4:3 ratio, 1280 x 1024, and a modern 22inch Monitor and compare the size of the Icons on the desktop, the text under the Icons, the text in 1 particular web page... will the 22inch Items be actually bigger? What about the same font and size in a Word document? Will for example 12px Ariel have the same size on the both monitors?