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  1. Yeah that's ok, but as others said getting a 3060 for such a low price could mean something doesn't it?
  2. yeah was thinking the same too, as i also saw Linus' video on Fake GPUs..
  3. Planning to build a pc later this year, but due to the space rocketing price of GPUs it is being postponed... but later i found that used ones are available for damn low pricess. for example i can get a RTX 3060 Ti as low as 246 USD... So should i buy used ones or wait till new ones' price reduces.
  4. As said by MrFixitBlankFace Linus could conduct a competition with a base budget given to the staffs and if they want to increase their budget they would have to perform specific task (listing stolen LTT things etc...) and the team/player who builds the best PC within the budget wins. Linus could have a list of GPUs, CPUs, Mboards and others sorted out in boxes and priced them (real prices or based on the game prices)
  5. The recently lauched 5000 series APU with 6c/12t configuration with the latest Radn7 ieontegrated graphics is now available. Should we buy it instead of a Non-Intergrated CPU during these GPU price hike times???? and then buy a dedicated GPU when the price reduces.
  6. oh yeah 1050ti only, 1650 Ti is there but am not sure about the Super version. Will check
  7. yup, was looking for ryzen7 as i would not change the processor for the next 4+ years
  8. Yeas, try to look for same ones or atleast same brand and speed. Differnet may cause trouble i have experienced one of those..
  9. But it will be okay if we don't overclock it right?
  10. 75,000 INR approx = 1050 USD FYI Pre Built ones are cheaper by like 270 USD Should i still build one
  11. Is the wraith spire an efficient cooler for Ryzen 5 and should i buy liquid cooler for Ryzen 7 which comes with Wraith Spire RGB with a decent heatsink. Going for liquid cooler would increase the budget. Stuck...
  12. Should i go with 550w psu? but i'm talkin about the 1080Ti 4GB version
  13. Should i use a complete and extreme RGB (all components RGB) or should go for minimal RGB lightings (RAM, COOLER) also should i buy a RGB case or not as i heard it disturbs your gaming in a long term.