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  1. Any idea how to disable fan control in MSI Afterburner, please?
  2. Thanks all for your advice. Just found a Zotac Trinity OC . RTX 3080 (Zotac Tri OC): MSRP: $700 - Price: $1,256 - Increase: +79% I'm so desperate that even though it's so insanely priced, I might go for this one. The other thing too is that although the GPU needs to be taken apart to deshroud, there are no "Warranty Void" stickers on Zotac cards so I feel pretty safe along with the 5-year warranty.
  3. My system: Cooler Master NR200 Asus B550i Strix Ryzen 5900x Crucial B. 32gb 3600C16 Asus Vega 64 Corsair SF 750 Dell S3220DGF Basically, I need to upgrade my GPU asap for Blender, Substance Painter, Marvelous Designer, After Effects, and Premiere. I was set on an RX 6800 XT (for SAM) but the Blender performance and driver issues have really put me off. Some important points: I've made my mind up to purchase a card that's easy to deshroud, so my two options where I live (Malaysi