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  1. So currently, due to the GPU shortage, and its high demand with high prices, I bought this great APU for my first ever Gaming Build. However, I am planning to pair this CPU with a GPU. (And another however is that soon when I get to earn money and stuff, I am planning to buy a new Motherboard, PSU, CPU, GPU, CPU Fans and some System Fans, in which if you would like you can also give me some advice on what to buy. However the main concern would be regarding what would be a nice GPU to pair with this CPU of mine) I am a newbie when it comes to what parts I should buy, so I need your help!!
  2. Alright alright, thanks alot man, i'll probably be going for that noctua NH-U12s or the hyper 212, however since I am also currently planning for improving or upgrading my CPU I may just go ahead and buy the NH D15. Other than that, thanks alot
  3. Ohhh, thanks for that but by the way someone recommended me Noctua NH D15, but i am worried if it will be compatible with my motherboard or just fit correctly. However, I am setting my eyes on Hyper 212 EVO as lots said it was great and also affordable
  4. Good day to everyone, I am very new to this and I really need help on gathering information on what CPU fan would be great for my setup: Motherboard: MSI A320M PRO-VH CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3400 g with Radeon Vega 11 Graphics RAM: 8 gb Location: Philippines, and the ambient temp or room temp is normally around 28 or 30 degree Celsius (I don't know what information I should provide in order to get the best answers but generally here they are) P.S. If there would be something affordable yet delivers greatly in lowering temperatures and also quiet, that would be really great but affordab