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  1. I see, yes tried powering it on with the switch already on my new and old case, also there are no diagnostic LEDs, so it must be the motherboard then.
  2. Currently trying to determine what is wrong with my build, it will only get the idle back LED to turn on but when trying to jump start it the back LEDs flicker and nothing happens. Specs: -TUF x570 Plus (WiFi) -Ryzen 3500x -Corsair Vengeance RGB pro 16GB -GTX 950 I know the GPU works, tested new PSU on old PC and it ran just fine, also tried old PSU on test bench with similar results, only the back LEDs turn on but Chipset Fan, CPU cooler and RGB RAM stay idle. Have tested with only 1 stick of RAM, once each. Took off the CPU and checked there whe
  3. Thank you! The reason why I went for the ram that I did was because for some reason the RGB version was cheaper than the non RGB and the Balistix was not listed on the QVL for the motherboard, would that affect it in any way?
  4. Budget (including currency): $22000 MXN - $1000 USD Country: Mexico Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: I want this PC to be able to run the upcoming Halo and Battlefield games, I also do light 3D modeling work on blender and painting in Photoshop. Other details: Only things locked are the CPU and Motherboard as I got them at a discounted price, also the prices from Newegg are way higher than what I can get from local retailers, for example the case was $3400MXN locally compared to Neweggs $5800MXN, so ignore them when giving recommendations or taking the bud