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  1. What is the pc being used for ? An Intel i5 system might work out cheaper depending on where you are located.
  2. The R5 5600X would be the better choice vs the 3700X if just gaming. You should also consider the i5 11400/F and a B560 board as it will be cheaper. Change the Ram to 3200MHz or 3600MHz CL16. Keep the GTX 1060 for the short term until gpu prices/availability return to some normality. The WD Blue SN550 1TB is a bit cheaper on that website.
  3. The B550 Tomahawk will be fine for that cpu.
  4. The SSD isn't really an issue, at least for gaming. The WD Blue SN550 is also a DRAMless SSD and that performs pretty much the same as the SN750 for loading games. The Adata would only slow down if doing large sustained writes. You can see it mentioned in the Toms Hardware review below. https://www.tomshardware.com/uk/reviews/adata-swordfish-nvme-ssd-review Also not an issue with the Ram either. There won't be much of a difference between CL16 and CL18 3600MHz. If you wanted to tighten the timings or overclock it etc you can always watch Hardware Unboxed Ryzen Ra
  5. Hi Are you located in the USA ? The Corsair 4000D comes with two fans installed. One at the front and one at the rear.
  6. The airflow looks pretty terrible. Also the psu is located at the top of the case, which is pretty rare these days. So the psu will more than likely run a bit hotter/louder as it will be exhausting the hot air from inside the case. A psu mounted at the bottom is usually positioned with the fan down, so it draws air from outside the case.
  7. Depends what he is doing with the pc. A 6 core is fine for now for gaming but if he wanted extra cores in the future for things like video editing etc he would need something with a decent VRM. The B560 Steel Legend would be my suggestion if going with an ASRock board, or you have ones like the MSI B560 Torpedo and Asus B560 TUF Gaming.
  8. The cheapest B560 boards are usually terrible though i.e ASRock B560M-HDV as it has no VRM cooling. If the op wanted to stick an i7/i9 in there later on he would be screwed.
  9. The 11900K is terrible so that should be avoided. The 11700/KF is the best option for Intel if he wants 8 cores and pcie 4.0. The 5800X if he wants Ryzen.
  10. Avoid that Gigabyte psu at all costs. Go with something from Tier A or B in the psu Tier list. The 11700K is a bit meh but if you want to make the most of that MP600 SSD then you will need an 11th gen cpu. Maybe look at the non 'K' if not overclocking as it should be a bit cheaper, and B560 boards will be cheaper as well. So something like the Asus B560 Plus Wifi, MSI B560 Torpedo or ASRock B560 Steel Legend for example.
  11. Stop talking nonsense. There is hardly any difference in gaming between a 5950X and 5600X.
  12. If you wanted to overclock then you would need the 'K/KF' version cpu as well as a Z490/Z590 board. The non 'K' 11400/F still performs well even against the 11600K as you can see in that link I posted. It is definitely one of the better value for money options if going with Intel.
  13. It compares very well. Of course some games will favour the 5600X and others the i5. You can see some 1080p framerates in the review below. They are using an RTX 3080 gpu. https://www.techpowerup.com/review/intel-core-i5-11400f/16.html
  14. If you want to save some cash and are not that bothered about overclocking, then you could look at the i5 11400/F and a B560 board instead.