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  1. alrit i tried to extract the zipped file to the non bootable USB i made. But he said to only extract the files not the folders u cant chose what to extract it just does the whole thing. wtf? Do i just delete the folders on the USB now? And after that it says to locate "sas2flash.efi" file and extract just that file to the root of the flash drive. How the heck do i do that? This doesnt make any sense.
  2. Ran into an issue already: - Alrit so when using Rufus i only have the option to use FreeDOS not MS-DOS like they tell you to do. Does that matter? It felt like that was one issue why i couldnt see my raid cards bios menu to get the SAS address. But thats just what im guessing caused it.
  3. The guy never mentioned it so didnt think it would be an issue. :// Im using a R5 1600 with a ASRock AB350 Pro4 Can u take a look at the tutorial and see if it will even work? I dont have high hopes with how many issues i encountered. A better one would be great.
  4. Alrit so i was following this guys tutorial on how to do it. Link Its the best one I found that wasnt obscenly confusing and pages long for some reason. But i got stuck, in more ways then one. I cant get my card to show up when it was time to get the SAS address. But it did show up when i initially plugged it into the PCIE slot. i had to change what he says to do as nothing he said was working. Ex. Rufus didnt look like his version so i dont even know if i set it up right. Idk at this point maybe i should use another tutorial that one of u guys know work
  5. do u have a guide i can follow i dont have backups of the movies so i dont wanna lose them by doing this.
  6. wtf damnit windows! umm can u do that? I dont see the option is it a powershell thing i have to do?
  7. four 8 tb wd reds one 2tb seagate u lose 20 tbs from raid 5? idk what a 3 way mirror is even when i said it up it said raid 5 is that not raid 5?
  8. any thoughts on my specs of the storage spaces i have. U mentioned it shouldnt use the lowest drive capacity but its 10 tbs which is in theory what 5 drives at 2tb would be rit?
  9. Ya thats my main pc. i can get used hardware from my friends and family for a pc it wouldnt be the newest but i imagine it would work was what i was trying to say sorry. The R5 1600 is my main pc it is then connected to my 5 hdds. I have the 4 8tb ones in a drive enclosure that i can plug sata power and sata data cables into. The HBA card would help with my sata ports being all used up for the other ssds i currently am using and want to add in the future. i hope that clears it up. gotcha. gotcha yaaa sorry ill look into the stuff u two have men
  10. Seeing as New Ryzen chips are coming soon id wait but thats me. Honestly id wait all together Prices still suck for everything right now. If u can wait id wait till prices get back to normal as things are opening up again it should be in the coming months hopefully before the new delta covid strain starts to hit...
  11. Your description accuratly describes your post. That gave me anxiety just reading it. The best i could offer would be a Ryzen G build.... lol
  12. This seems like a good possible solution so far. flashing is a bit scary but i imagine its similiar to flashing a bios rit?? If not as long as there are guides i should be fine.