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  1. i know. none of what i said was actually donating money. more like donating time to generate them money. i already explained why i said it all to the other guy. have a feeling neither of you even watched the wan show and that you did not read what i said to the other guy. glad i never came in here a ton seems like some reddit level stuff in here. well if linus staff sees it and likes it they do if not it is whatever i'll see myself out now.
  2. he said it was mostly about helping them not investing. from what he said it seemed more like when he bought gamestop stocks. he went on a tangent about how he could have invested in good companies a long time ago if it was about money.
  3. that is fine but linus said he was looking for a way to invest in them on WAN show so that is why i posted this.
  4. to help framework get revenue have you thought of doing a stream for them like a charity stream? another idea was what if you sold something like a mouse mat where the profit from it went to framework. also maybe a sponsored go fund me for framework. just some ideas to help avoid the conflict of interest while still generating funding for framework. sorry if this is the wrong sub thread for this i did not see a better place for this.