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  1. Yeah, you're correct, I'm planning to daily drive Linux with Windows on dual boot for compatibility. As for Lenovo, that's fair, I completely forgot about the Thinkpads. I'll have to take a peek if Lenovo Canada has anything interesting going on, because usually stuff is either custom tailored and it takes months, or it's in stock and arrives quickly. Their machines should cover most use cases indeed. That's true, however I also forgot to mention that the lack of repairability/upgradeability on a Mac is troubling. Mac or Lenovo Tha
  2. Hi folks, I'm trying to find a new laptop for myself. I've been researching for a while now and I haven't been able to pinpoint something that perfectly fits my requirements. Hoping maybe folks can recommend something. Required: 13"~14" At least 16GB, 512GB+ storage. AMD 5+ or Intel i5/i7 gen10+ At least 1x USB C and 1x USB A Non garbage keyboard Below 3k USD with compromises. 4k with no compromises. Preferred Fingerprint reader Some repairability/upgradeab