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  1. Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure if it's overheating, it does get very hot to the touch, although I've used it for 2.5 years in pretty much the same way. I installed HWinfo and the CPU temps seem to spike very easily at little things. I went to play some Overwatch to see if I could get it to crash after, and just opening the Battle.net launcher made my CPU core temps all hit the high 90s (degrees C) and activate their thermal throttling, although it was just momentary spike. They were high a lot while I played the game but the max temp listed for this CPU is 100C and the throttling kept
  2. Been wrestling with BSODS and laptop not wanting to reliably connect to my eGPU for almost a month now. Out of dozens of BSODS, almost all of them sit at 0% indefinitely when it says "just collecting some info before you restart" or w/e. Only saw the % go up a couple times and likewise when I look for the logs on BSODS there are only a couple, here's those: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NXiL92ToOHBHAs6CmgsTMDIqHLjk4GVU/view?usp=sharing PERFMON never finishes collecting data so I can't provide that, it just says "collecting for 60 seconds" forever. I ran the cmd as ad
  3. Thank you for the answers! I'm also still a bit confused about what the problem is, but for whatever reason the lower-end UPS I was lent, and the nicer one I picked up today, have made my eGPU connect and function normally after almost of a month of instability that I could only replicate at my house, so whatever it's doing I'm happy with it. I decided to get one that's way overkill for my current setup (900W Cyberpower GX1500U) in case I decide to use its potential in the future. I don't think it's "online" but it does have "automatic voltage regulation", maybe that's what I neede
  4. Yeah in my house (starting not long after a storm caused an outage) it just connects/disconnects repeatedly, and I tried in different outlets around the house, but when I took it to this PC repair shop it ran perfectly with the same cables and everything, then back to not working when I brought it home, so dirty power is what I suspect. I'm mostly just concerned with having stable power to the eGPU, don't really care about it staying on for a few minutes in an outage, and the laptop has its own battery so it doesn't need outage protection. Anyway yeah thanks for answeri
  5. I haven't tried a Razer mouse, but I've used Logitech ones for about 15 years and wouldn't call modern ones durable. I've been using the G604 for a little over a year now and I'm on my 4th one because the same side button (G6) has broken after moderate use on the first 3. That said I love everything else about the mouse and can't find another good wireless one with 4+ thumb buttons, so I just keep getting it replaced at Best Buy and pay $10-15 in product protection plans each time.
  6. So I've been having trouble with my Razer Core X eGPU not retaining connection to my laptop (full story) but my local PC repair shop that's been helping me lent me a UPS to try because we suspected it may be an issue of dirty power out of my home's outlets. The UPS appears to have helped because I've enjoyed the most stable connection I've seen in weeks so I'd like to buy one for myself but I'm not sure what I need. The Razer Core X eGPU has a 650W power supply, it's running an RTX 2070 that requires a 550W PSU, but the UPS system they lent me is an APC Back-UPS ES 350VA, 200W. Doe
  7. I've got a Razer Blade Stealth laptop that connects to a Razer Core X with an Nvidia RTX 2070 in it, has worked great since late 2018. I've been having a bit of an evolving issue since early July, it started as random restarts, then BSODs after I disabled the auto restart thingy. However when the BSOD said "We're collecting error info" that % would never go up even if i let it sit for 30+min. Eventually the blue screens stopped but it started to struggle to connect to the eGPU. I'd plug it in via the Thunderbolt 3 and it would typically spend 3-5min connecting and disco