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  1. Every thing is working and plugged in and the gpu works in other machines
  2. I have a ryzen 5 3600 16 gb gskill ram 1660 850 wtt psu
  3. I have g skill ram 16 gb a Ryzen 5 3600 and a 1660 graphics card
  4. So I have a b450-f motherboard and I got a gpu after building it and it works in another machine but not in this one the light on the top of my motherboard and I don’t know why my gpu won’t out put I’ve been looking all over for answers nothing do any of you know what’s wrong
  5. I don’t know but it was a long time I had to wait but I’ll see ab returning it thanks for your help
  6. Well that sucks I have been saving to get one for a long time
  7. I got it from new egg and it is a 1660 gtx
  8. Here I’m sorry I tried but I got a better one now
  9. I did lots of research on it and I could not figure it out so I came here but I’ll take a better pick of it
  10. I can’t tell if my gpu is dead it has not been giving any output but the fan still runs I can’t tell if my vrm are Fried but I just got this card and it don’t work help me