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  1. I don't believe it would be an electrical appliance interfering with it, but it definitely is a possibility. I am almost positive that it is a bad DP. Been using this HDMI for over a day now and no issues thankfully. Hopefully it isn't anything that serious though.
  2. yea well its been a day and no issues, gonna assume it just flashed when i opened geforce experience. Really hoping that my issue is just a faulty DP cable and thats what it is seeming like more and more.
  3. So this was a different issue and onlyt 1 monitor went out for a much shorter time, about 1 second. I was using 2 DP and now im testing an hdmi on one of my monitors to see if its a faulty DP. Oh and yes I did use DDU
  4. Hey again, I just opened GeForce Experience and only one of my screens went black for about a second. I got this that showed up any idea as to what you think it might be?
  5. Alright so looks like that was the issue, I reinstalled my drivers right after it happened again. Is it a bad thing that this is happening? Are any parts ruined or anything like that?
  6. So I just built a new PC about a week ago. Everything has been running so so well until randomly I was playing a game (New World Closed Beta) and my screens went black for about 5 seconds and came back on, I had been watching a video at the time of playing it and I didn't really think anything of it. It happened again a few days later and the monitors came back on instantly once again while I was playing Escape from Tarkov and watching a discord stream at the same time. The only thing I can think of would be a bad DP cable? If not what do you guys think it would be?