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  1. please review Workstream by Monoprice Single Motor Back to Basics Electric Sit-Stand Desk https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=35377 it seems absurdly low priced for the reviews it claims
  2. Context: A few years ago I installed some utility that allowed to mount Google Drive contents from multiple accounts. IIRC it was called Odrive. This created a root item in in File Explorer named after the program. Eventually I found a free alternative to this paid application and I uninstalled it. All files were gone as far as I was aware, but i didn't discover until much later that the root item in the File Explorer somehow remained even though clicking or double-clicking it produced no result. The only thing i could do to it was select properties and at one point i was
  3. please consider making a comprehensive review of Security Suit applications for windows 10. there are so many to choose from and LLT has the hardware and staff to run an evaluation on all of the to see which impact the hardware the least, catch the most threats, with least false positives (such as claiming that games are malware, mainstream cryptomining are backdoors. etc).