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  1. I tried turning off variable refresh rate but the problem is still happening, did you do anything else that might have fixed it?
  2. Unfortunately the problem has resurfaced after a restart. To address your previous message "No, but with modification..." This was before the swap, the CPU and motherboard are the only things changed between last night and this afternoon when i switched CPUs. I believe the variance in FPS when using my mouse and keyboard is a Valorant thing more than the cause of my issue, since it has always fluctuated based on what input is given to it, with no input giving the highest, a keyboard input giving the second highest, and a mouse input giving the lowest. I have just now tried swapping my CPU agai
  3. I'm sorry to inform you of this, and as an experienced Windows user I am embarrassed to tell you that the one thing I DIDN'T do was to update Windows. My issue is fixed, I'm somewhat of a disgrace and will swiftly be exiting this forum.
  4. No, I had played the game just last night with no issues and no changes in between then and now.
  5. I recently switched from an i5-2500 to an Ryzen 5 2600, and I am now having strange frame rate issues. Valorant runs locked at 75 FPS when not moving my mouse or pressing keys, locked at 98 FPS when only pressing keys, and locked at 140 FPS when moving my mouse with or without pressing keys. Checking task manager reveals that both my CPU and GPU are basically doing nothing, running at 15-20% utilization each, and often my GPU wont even spin up its fan. Interestingly, when I run the game in windowed mode and then minimize it it seems to run at full fps, I cannot confirm this, since if I open th
  6. Thank you! It ended up being the hotkey for Radeon Anti-Lag, but you pointed me in exactly the right direction.
  7. I play games with the somewhat non standard layout of IJKL, this odd layout causes me to use Right Alt as my jump, since it replaces where the Space Bar would be if I were playing WASD. Recently I have started having a beeping noise when I press the Right Alt key, and it only seems to happen when I am first pressing L. There are two patterns of tones that play when this sequence of keys is pressed, one that has 4 notes that rise in pitch, and the other has 3 notes that are the same pitch. This is horribly distracting while gaming, and I hope someone knows how to disable this feature. Attached