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  1. Maybe look into 32" LG 32GN650-B? Goes up to 165hz and also supports G-Sync even tho it's not listed.
  2. OMFG I'm an idiot! Yes, my second display is an LG OLED. Thing is, I had chosen "extend these displays" and the settings app always opened in my main monitor (LG Ultragear). I absolutely never changed this so idk wtf happened. But somehow Windows changed this so yes, it was opening in a separate window. Thanks so much for bringing me back to reality! Now excuse me while I bury my head in a sandpit of shame!! In my defense I'm a Mac-to-PC transplant and have only owned my PC for a month. Thank you again!
  3. Hi. I already had the latest Nvidia driver installed but downloaded it and reinstalled it anyway. That didn't do anything This is what it looks like. It just won't open all the way and I can't access it at all.
  4. Hey al!! I've posted this on Reddit but no luck yet. I'm hoping someone here at LTT can help as I'm running out of options and my anxiety is now through the roof! So as mentioned in the title, my settings app won’t open anymore. I can see it in the taskbar and can right-click on it but I just cannot access it nor will it open in a window. I haven’t updated anything. It was working perfectly fine this morning. I never made any adjustments or tweaks. It just stopped working/opening. I can't get windows troubleshooter app because settings app won't open! Anything to do with setti