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  1. Yea, now I tested with some stress, run few games, and seems everything alright, cannot understand why for me this thing didn't worked yesterday when I was searching for fix, really thanks for help.
  2. I did like you say, now is sometimes drop so 1600 or 2000MHz and goes back to 4300-4400MHz, but like NZXT Cam shows is still stuck on 4400MHz, the HWINFO that some of the cores are stuck on 4400MHz, some of the are on 800Hz, the task manager don't show that is stuck on 4400MHz, is changing GHz, now don't know which one is right
  3. I using NZXT Cam, CPU-Z and HWINFO
  4. Hello, I got issue that my CPU GHz are stuck, and they don't go up and don't go down, does not matter what I doing is same for idle and gaming, I was trying to search information why I have this problem and how can I fix, but didn't find any information that would be helpful. I having this issue 1 week, In first I was thinking this was problem of "msconfig" but is not, I try to search maybe I have program recently installed that cause this issue but didn't find any program that can cause, I try to set to default my bios, but it didn't helped. Also from this stuck GHz my temperature got high, a