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    Ryzen 7 3700x
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    Msi b450 Tomahawk Max
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    32gb 3200mhz
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    2080 Super
  1. My temps seem to be fine, as I set my case and gpu fans to run at max rpm. But its gotten even worse, I launch GTA and ride around for a bit and I'm getting average 53 fps with all graphics settings on low and off for most of the graphics. I'm seriously stumped and don't know what's causing it. Also, I deleted GTA from my HDD and ran it from my SSD, same problem
  2. I run at 3200mhz so yeah I believe I'm in the clear. But yeah I do find myself not achieving the amount of frames desired in some other games too.
  3. I could try flipping the sticks but I dont know how much that would do, I use all 4 stick slots btw so dont know if that would change anything.
  4. I got a MSI b450 Tomahawk Max and I got the most recent bios when I bought my pc in July 2020
  5. I run at 1080p and i've even done every performance option in GeForce control panel, my ram is 3600mhz speed but when i try and run that my PC goes into bootloop.
  6. I'm getting around 90 fps in GTA V with all low graphics and a low graphic texture pack and I have a 2080 Super with a Ryzen 7 3700x. Am I stupid or is this ridiculously low??? I'm asking this because I would like to achieve at least 144 fps to match my monitors refresh rate. Please Help!!!