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  1. Thank you, it just got done updating the BIOS, I was VERY freaked out about it since most updates I've ever seen on my laptop were windows updates and the fact that this appeared was new (and thus scary) to me, only bad thing is that I also have to fucking update windows before shutting the computer down
  2. I tried to turn off my HP laptop about an hour ago and it went into this screen what does this mean
  3. The aparment is barely 21m² iirc, also my sister spends most of the day outside working, She's at least 12hs in her apartmemt all day (including sleeping hours) we also just got out of winter so last 2 months went from very cold to cold to chill
  4. So my oldest sister just got her electricity bill and it says that somehow She consumed 1577kWh on a span of 58 days, which seems fishy since she lives alone on a 1 room 1 bathroom apartment, so I started to wonder wheter it was plausible that one of her neighbours was taking power from her house somehow because there isn't any way that she spent that much power.
  5. So I just clone the contents of the old drive into the new drive right?
  6. So I am planning to upgrade my laptop's 128GB SSD to a new 500GB SSD as I just saw an opportunity to do so but I have no idea how I would get all of my stuff from the old drive to the new one and I really don't want to deal with re-installing Windows as easy as it might be. If it helps I could also borrow my father's 2TB external SSD.