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  1. From Marketplace in Facebook, at 6.500 Argentine Peso (around $45) and yes I know it's a possibility that the person selled me a broken gpu, but I wanted to discard any other possibilities before
  2. I just tried this, with Catalyst drivers installed. Enabled both graphic settings from bios and plug the vga from MoBo to the VGA monitor and the HDMI GPU to a TV that I have. The VGA monitor went blackscreen as it did previously, then the TV displayed red and pink lines, before when I was using the adapter there was just no signal, now the signal are the red and pink lines (and just noticed there's power in the keyboard, the mouse still have power, before both run out of power) now after ten (10) minutes the PC restarted itself and gave me BSoD.
  3. Hi, thanks for replying. I didn't know that it's obligatory to have the gpu connected, so I did the clean uninstall with DDU and run the driver (Crimson one, not Catalyst) installer, and my onboard graphics went in diagonal lines, and no signal from the GPU, I guess is a resolution problem from the drivers getting installed?
  4. Well, before starting, my specs are: Mobo Biostar n68s3+ 6.x Athlon ii x2 250 3.00GHz Generic 4gb ram (works well) PSU (new) Be Quiet! U9 500w 80 plus Bronze SSD (new) 240GB BX500 Crucial HDD WD BLUE 500gb Two weeks ago I started my pc and it gone into blackscreen, so I suspected from the GPU (EVGA GT210 512MB DDR2) and changed the generic PSU too only because I had the money and wanted to secure my system. I bought a 2nd hand GPU (XFX HD 6850 Dual Fan) The GPU didn't worked so I assumed I bought a broken GPU A couple days ago I insta