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  1. i check there is nothing on the back using Ram as caches
  2. Recently got an ACER SF313-53-57B7 After opening the hood to upgrade some thermal pad for SSD, WIFI CARD AND HEAT PIPE I notice the M.2 SSD only got one NAND chip wow they really cheap out on the M.2 SSD. Anyone with info on this SSD? How is the longevity on it?
  3. my laptop is Acer swift 3 SF313-53-57B7 I saw the teardown doesn't have expandable RAM slot TBH I'm surprise I would go for Intel but currently i think Intel offer some real good option for thin and lite laptop long battery power, Thunderbolt, somewhat better dGPU, lift to wake. all these gimmick seem to work on me and maybe most likely from Linus's video but I won't admit that LOL
  4. Thank you all... been great help with my RAM anxiety, my desktop PC never face these kind of issue and after watching Framework Laptop Video just got me thinking why would Laptop Manufacture solder those Ram to the motherboard the RAM are solder on their LPDDR4x no upgradable ram slot
  5. I did use powershell to run this debloat from chris titus https://christitus.com/debloat-windows-10-2020/ iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString('https://git.io/JJ8R4'))
  6. yes is running smooth is just very uncomfortable looking at almost full usage like in future time with the solder ram just gave the vibe of no way out
  7. yup https://christitus.com/debloat-windows-10-2020/ iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString('https://git.io/JJ8R4')) is debloated and also uninstall all the Acer junk antivirus is using window defender only
  8. Check out Asus G14/G15 their the Hot kids in town Comes with 100w PD and liquid metal cooling
  9. Hi Guys my first post here Recently got a Acer Swift 3 after purchasing the laptop last week I notice my Ram is almost full 7.2 Gb / 8 Gb when I open the Back and found out that is LPDDR4x Ram and their solder to the motherboard I'm wondering 2021 8gb is enough ram? anyways to reduce ram usage or increase the ram only open a few tab chrome not playing any games and I close all the background app really surprise me what is taking up my ram usage.