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  1. We are screwd, royally screwd. The law has been passed, and I don't know when they will block our internet access. Please help

    1. Levent


      What can we do? send you CDs via balloons? 

  2. thanks for the suggestion, I will research it further
  3. I really hope they don't do it, otherwise as you said we are out of luck.
  4. Its cost is as much as an average wage here.
  5. So there is no other way than that? I think using starlink is a felony here.
  6. Recently in my country, Iran, there have been talks that, our government is going to block our any access to the internet (International), and are going to make a localized one. I really hope that you can give some suggestions on how to circumvent that because if that happens, it is going to be disastrous for us. Please give suggestions