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  1. it does matters, if its ssd or hdd...the only thing matters is we have to combine 2 storage device into one and run win-7...the thing is that I have tryed using one single storage device but it get corrupted with in 6 months as the whole system runs 24/7... the factory people says that if the run 2 disks then it will lower the load on the disks as the task is divided and can run faster
  2. Actually i have tried to in install the factory OS in one ssd, but the ssd gets corrupted every time, that's why I need Identical setup. the size and company of factory build pc SSD is attched below, it has 2 of it. Motherboard raid just make a copy of the OS to other SSD.. or not? ( I am not sure of that can you help me) What I need is combing the storage capacity of the both SSD in to one and run win7
  3. Hello Everyone, I want to combine 2 SSDs into one single ssd and install OS in it. But the Problem is that, I have tried to combine the SSDs in win 10 disk management, but it only combines in dynamic type and win-7 will only be install in basic type. Actually I have a digital machine (used in making porcelain tiles) in which they have factory build PC, and that PC has 2 SSDs combined and runs win 7 All I want is to clone that factory build PC, in-case of emergency (as the machine runs 24/7/365 days) I could use that backup PC I build, as that factory build PC cost more than