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  1. Just checked my parts on part picker. It flagged up this error that states that my MBoard doesn't have sufficient USB 3.2 headers. Can someone clarify what this means, ELI5 style? I checked the specs on MSIs site and it seems to suggest it will work. However I may just be misunderstanding it. If someone could look over the spec and help me understand what I'm looking at that would be fantastic. Thanks in advance!
  2. Do I need to have it hooked up to a display to do so? Or do I just need the power supply plugged into the motherboard and nothing else?
  3. I'm waiting for my i9-11900k to arrive, and I will need to have the BIOS updated in order to use it. However I don't have another lga1200 CPU to use in place of it in order to update the BIOS. The motherboard is an MSI Z490 MEG ACE, and it does support M-Flash, however I've seen a few people mention the risk of bricking the MB and it just got me wondering about what the best way to resolve this is. The other issue is that there is no video out on the MB, so I'm unsure if I need to have the GPU installed in order to see what the BIOS is doing. Any