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  1. One sensor in your CPU seems to have particularly high temps compared to the rest, may double check the mount, but not sure. Btw my bad I meant HWInfo64, that one is better for logging, it will generate a better and more complete log of your whole PC
  2. Use HWMonitor to log everything on your PC into a file, even when your pc suddenly shuts down it will remain readable. Check for anything unusual temp/usage/voltage wise, I recently had this same issue but with a 5600x where the CPU voltage was getting too low combined with a sudden usage spike ingame would cause a restart.
  3. Given that some stuff still lights up sounds like a rail may got damaged, certainly try another PSU and I'd advice against keep trying to use it. You can use the paperclip trick to power it without connecting it to your PC and use a multimeter to verify voltages in each cable in case it may not be a total loss.
  4. Have you updated the BIOS? Since it may require an update to support 5000 series ryzen
  5. More than usage take a look at the average response time, it should remain within a few ms. If you see it reaching 100ms or more there may be a problem with your drive. What is your exact ssd drive model?
  6. How you applied the thermal paste also matters and if it has just been sitting there for a while I'm not sure if it still is 100% reliable, you may also try changing the thermal pads.
  7. By soft reboot you mean the whole pc instantly restarts? If that is the case I'd blame the PSU, try stressing both CPU and GPU at the same time to check if you can replicate the issue.
  8. Cob

    M.2 help

    Have you checked if the BIOS allows you to change between SATA and NVME for the M.2 port? These slots can accept either but you have to manually toggle which is.
  9. If it is when you actually load a game I'd suspect it is the GPU, try running heaven benchmark since that is mostly gpu bound and even if it doesn't crash you may see artifacts indicating problems in your GPU. HWiNFO to monitor and log everything on your PC, see if anything anormal happens when you try to run a game.
  10. I recently had the same problem, it was that the card itself was not getting in idle, checks the GPU Core clock and the power consumption, the clock should be way lower than when you are playing and use 10 to 20W at most. My issue was solved by installing the newest drivers. If you already have the latest try using DDU.
  11. My only guess at this point is that the CPU is the one to blame since you have both replaced the mobo and checked everything else on other system. Are you able to boot using a USB? Try using ubuntu on a USB stick.
  12. Have you used DDU to uninstall the drivers?
  13. Have you tried only plugging the motherboard to the sata cable without plugging the other end to the drive? Have you tried an M.2 drive? Are you testing in a case or laying it on the motherboard box?
  14. Then maybe there is a short in the motherboard, there is a chance it was caused by the defective PSU, to verify this use multimeter and check for continuity between the ground and voltage pins.